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Quiz vero o falso

This skill is a true or false quiz game.
It is one of the few skills on the marketplace that doesn't use the Alexa voice, but it's instead recorded by a professional speaker.
It's one of the top skills on the Italian skills store.

Indovina chi sono

This skill is a game where the player has to guess an object or a person based on 3 suggestions provided by Alexa.
There are 2 different game modes and a leaderboard, where players can compete with each other.

Phone radar

This is a utility skill which enables anyone to find its phone.
Premium users can add as many phones as they want.
It's published in the UK, US and Italy.

Questo o quello

This skill is a game where the players are presented with unexpected and weird two-choices questions.
It's a funny game to play with friends and family that also informs you about what other users have chosen.

Domanda verde

This skill is a daily quiz with simple questions related to environmental issues.
It keeps the people updated about the green news and raises awareness about the environment's problems.

Pillole di musica

This skill is custom made for one of our customers.
It keeps you informed on the musical world by providing curiosities about the most famous artists.
It's hosted by real Italian singers that release a new informative video everyday.

Quiz canzoni

This skill is a song quiz where the user has to guess the title and artist of the song that is proposed.
The song is reproduced for only about 10 seconds and the user is ranked based on how many songs have been guessed.

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